• Adventures
  • Hiking is Fun!

    I used to dislike hiking. I went on many hikes when I lived in Vermont and of course the mountains were gorgeous, but I honestly can’t remember enjoying it. Living in San Diego, I’ve come to truly appreciate the open space and the mountains Southern California has to offer. Over the past couple months, Jesse […]

  • My Normal
  • Where are we going next?

    Jesse is eligible to reenlist in a couple months and recently, we’ve been getting asked a lot where we are going next. Marines can request to be stationed east coast, west coast or overseas. The majority of the Marines stationed overseas are in Japan, either on mainland Japan, or Okinawa, which is a tropical island […]

  • My Normal
  • Homecoming

    Jesse left on his first deployment on a MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) in May of 2015 and recently returned after almost 7 months apart. Even as I sit here writing this, I still can’t believe how quickly the time went by, although, he strongly disagrees with me. MEU’s consist of many elements that are all […]