My Favorite Places to Visit in Kyoto!

Kyoto was one of the first places I wanted to visit after moving to Japan. The city is full of so much history and beauty (like many other cities in Japan of course!) with an abundance of places to see. Kyoto was only about a 5 hour drive from Iwakuni and we stayed in an Airbnb right in the center of the city.

Although we were only there for 4 days, we had the chance to visit a lot of places and did a TON of walking, which, in my opinion, is the best way to explore a new area. We did much more than what’s included on the list below and still have more to see next time we come back!

So, here were my favorite places I visited on my first trip to Kyoto:

1. Arashiyama (Bamboo Forest)

A friend told us to try to get to the bamboo forest early, since it is a huge tourist destination, so we arrived around 7:30 am and luckily there were only a couple other people there and we were able to get some awesome people-free photographs of the forest!

2. Fushimi Inari-taisha


View of Kyoto from the top of the mountain!

3. Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion)

4. Nishiki Market

Finally some vegan ice cream and it was actually very tasty!
Chili sesame spicy mix that is delicious on rice


5. Vegan restaurants!

Unfortunately, Iwakuni does not have many good vegan restaurant options, but Kyoto had a lot! We went to 4 different vegan friendly restaurants that were all unique and super delicious.

Beautiful hidden ramen restaurant



Kyoto video:


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  1. Nancy Cohen says: Reply

    It sounds like a wonderful trip! I especially liked the pictures of the bamboo forest. What a nice surprise to find so many good vegan restaurants.

    1. Emma says: Reply

      Yes, you would love it! We can visit Kyoto when you come to Japan! πŸ™‚

  2. Pearl Ann Schwartz says: Reply

    It’s so much fun to “travel” with you. I get a feeling for the sights, people, food, etc. Poppa and I visited Kyoto in—I think—1987, and I only wish I remembered more about it. That may have been the city where we had a wonderful kaiseki dinner. (Incidentally, is Broly getting frequent traveler points for all HE’s been seeing?)

    1. Emma says: Reply

      He should be for all the traveling he’s doing! πŸ™‚

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