5 Things I’m Going To Miss About San Diego

It’s starting to really hit me that we most likely have less than a year left of living in San Diego. As much as I miss the seasons and rain (yes, I actually miss rain), I’ve grown to really love living in this city.

So here are 5 things that I can honestly say I will miss most about living here.

1. The Farmers Markets

San Diego absolutely has the BEST farmer’s markets I have ever been to. The best part is that since it’s such a big city and weather isn’t a factor here, you can find different farmer’s markets to go to every day of the week.

Anybody who knows me well, knows that I love free samples. So naturally, I’ve always gravitated towards farmer’s markets where there’s never a shortage of free samples. Our Sunday routines basically center around attending one of the many San Diego farmer’s markets that happens to be less than a half a mile down the street.


From Bitchin’ Sauce…


to cookies from the Cravory…


to all of the fresh fruit and vegetables…


20160410_11481220160410_113559The farmer’s market never disappoints.

2. The Hiking

I’ve been trying to take advantage of all the awesome hikes that San Diego has to offer. So far, we’ve done a handful of them but still have many more to go.

Iron Mountain

I’ve come to really appreciate and enjoy hiking in the desert and I never knew how much hiking Southern California truly had to offer. As much as the shade from trees is needed on those hot days, hiking in the desert allows you to see how much progress you’ve made from any point along the way, since the majority of the nature consists of short plants, bushes and cacti, and won’t block your view.

3. The Restaurants

If you live in a large city, theres no question that you will have access to some incredible restaurants. I’ve loved finding new and different places to try out since I’ve lived here and there is such a wide variety of cuisines, all within 10 minutes of where we live.

20151211_173015 20160101_183838

Also, sorry to brag but San Diego has the BEST Mexican food and you can find it on almost any street.

4. The Sunsets

As cliché as this is, San Diego is the place to find the classic California sunsets and I will definitely miss them. From a spot called Sunset Cliffs to any of the numerous beaches, or even from the top of one of the many mountains, you will get a perfect view of the sunset.



5. It’s Proximity to… EVERYTHING! 

Not only is there so much you can do in San Diego, within a few hours drive, you could be in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Mexico (actually only 15 minutes from us!). Or, if you enjoy slightly longer road trips, the Grand Canyon and San Francisco are both about 8 or 9 hour drives away.

I also love the fact that during the winter, if you drive about 1 hour to east county San Diego to a small town called Julian, which is known for its apple orchards and delicious pies, you can find snow! Or if you prefer, there’s Big Bear Mountain and lake, which is a popular skiing area that’s only about 2.5 hours north of San Diego. So, all in one day, you could be skiing down a mountain followed by tanning on the beach!

I’ve loved calling San Diego home for the past year and a half. Not only is there SO much to do and explore, but I’ve also met some pretty incredible people out here. Just like I’ve felt with Vermont, I’m sure I will appreciate San Diego even more once I’ve left it. But for now, I still have much more to cross off my bucket list!



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  1. Pearl Ann Schwartz says: Reply

    You’ve really immersed yourself in life in San Diego in a way no tourist, there for only a few days, would have been able to do. The great pictures added a nice touch to your “narrative”.

    There’s still lots more to discover before you leave the area, Maybe the main thing you’ve learned is that any place you live in the future won’t be just another “home” but a place that will offer you new things to explore, experience, and appreciate.

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