• National Parks
  • Grand Teton


    Our second national park on our road trip was Grand Teton and it was by far the most visually stunning part of our trip. The park is only 10 miles south of Yellowstone, but once you get to the lake and mountain range, it feels like you’re in a completely new place. We didn’t spend […]

  • National Parks
  • Yellowstone


    So as most of you already know, Jesse and I were originally going to be traveling around Iceland for 2 weeks once I got out of school but due to some unfortunate circumstances, we weren’t able to go. Fortunately, we were able to change our plans and decided to go on a road trip to see […]

  • San Diego
  • Celebrating 7 Years


    On Saturday, Jesse and I celebrated our 7th year together, which also happens to be the day we got engaged, 2 years ago. When people ask us the date of our anniversary, we usually say June 25th, instead of September 2nd, which was the actual date we said “I do” almost 2 years ago. Since Jesse […]

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  • Certain About Uncertainty


    It’s been a a few weeks since I last posted but I hope to start posting regularly now that my semester is about over. I just have to make it through this dreaded finals week… Anyway, I keep coming back to this post and have been writing bits and pieces at a time, just letting all my […]

  • San Diego
  • A Hot Air Balloon Birthday


    Ever since I was little, I always had a desire to ride in a hot air balloon. When I was young, I used to visit my grandparents in Quechee, Vermont, and we would go to the annual Quechee Balloon Festival. This festival always had 20 to 30 hot air balloons, and when they all took off into […]

  • San Diego
  • Hiking is Fun!


    I used to dislike hiking. I went on many hikes when I lived in Vermont and of course the mountains were gorgeous, but I honestly can’t remember enjoying it. Living in San Diego, I’ve come to truly appreciate the open space and the mountains Southern California has to offer. Over the past couple months, Jesse […]

  • Iceland
  • It’s Official…

    Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 7.53.03 PM

    As of yesterday, we officially bought our plane tickets to Iceland for 2 weeks at the end of May and then our tickets to Vermont for after!!! It’s so exciting that our plans are now solidified and we are finally going. Our next steps will be to find places to stay each night and as it […]