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  • Day Trip to Hiroshima

    Traveling to Hiroshima, Japan, is about a 45 minute train ride from Iwakuni and it is the closest and largest city to us. Hiroshima is a place I never expected I would visit and I was initially very surprised to see how large of a city it was. Visiting the Atomic Bomb Dome and the […]

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  • Goodbye California… Hello Japan!

    I can’t believe I am finally saying this but we have finally arrived in Japan! Our flight got in last night, so we haven’t had much time to explore the area yet, but hope to much more this weekend. Tomorrow, we will be house hunting and will most likely have a new home by the end […]

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  • Poland

    It’s taken me a while to actually sit down and write this post and I know it’s been a long time since I actually posted (8 months… oops). Between school last fall, to graduation in December, starting a new full-time job and now preparing for our move to Japan, things have been pretty busy around here. […]

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  • Grand Teton

    Our second national park on our road trip was Grand Teton and it was by far the most visually stunning part of our trip. The park is only 10 miles south of Yellowstone, but once you get to the lake and mountain range, it feels like you’re in a completely new place. We didn’t spend […]

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  • Yellowstone

    So as most of you already know, Jesse and I were originally going to be traveling around Iceland for 2 weeks once I got out of school but due to some unfortunate circumstances, we weren’t able to go. Fortunately, we were able to change our plans and decided to go on a road trip to see […]

  • My Normal
  • Celebrating 7 Years

    On Saturday, Jesse and I celebrated our 7th year together, which also happens to be the day we got engaged, 2 years ago. When people ask us the date of our anniversary, we usually say June 25th, instead of September 2nd, which was the actual date we said “I do” almost 2 years ago. Since Jesse […]

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  • Certain About Uncertainty

    It’s been a a few weeks since I last posted but I hope to start posting regularly now that my semester is about over. I just have to make it through this dreaded finals week… Anyway, I keep coming back to this post and have been writing bits and pieces at a time, just letting all my […]